Lindy Hop in Eindhoven

The lessons in Eindhoven are given by Robert, Sylvester, Jolet and Andrea.


Robert dances the Lindy Hop since 1999. He got his inspiration from regular visits to the United States. There he learned that next to attending workshops the best way to advance in Lindy Hop is to social dance with as many different people as possible. In his classes he tries to stay as close as possible to the laws that govern the social dance floor. He focusses on simple moves in a number of variations. By mixing them up people can work on their lead and follow skills. Robert also likes to work with his students on musicality. He believes that music is the main driving power for all interesting moves.
Robert started teaching together with Chantal in 2002. They gradually built a small but steady Lindy scene in their home town Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They have taught at Lindy Hop workshops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Lanzarote and Germany.


Sylvester has been dancing Lindy Hop since 2015 and immediately fell in love with the dance. Attending as many classes, (international) workshops and social dance events as he could, he quickly grew as a dancer, and started teaching in 2017. Sylvester aims for Lindy Hop in Eindhoven to be more than just a dance class, but for it to also be a welcoming community, focused on having fun while dancing. Teaching as both a lead and a follow, Sylvester possesses a keen understanding of the interplay between these roles, bringing a unique perspective as a teacher. He likes to focus on flow, connection, freedom in footwork, and turning simple steps into real dancing. Expect some happy and friendly instruction based on musicality and technique.


Jolet took her first Lindy Hop steps in the United States and has been dancing around the world ever since. Enschede, Boston, Copenhagen and Wageningen have been her local dance floors before landing here in Eindhoven in 2021. She loves to include elements of solo jazz and improvisation into her dancing. When teaching she likes to focus on solid basic rhythms and a clear conversation between dance partners, such that added rhythm and footwork variations can shine! There will be plenty of time to try out new material in class by dancing (and then dancing some more) while also working on focused exercises. On the social dance floor Jolet also dances a bit of Balboa, Slow Balboa and Blues to add a splash of variety and to enjoy many tempos of music. And whenever she gets the chance Jolet likes to share the energy and joy of Lindy Hop on stage by organizing showcases with a dance troupe.


Andrea has been dancing Lindy Hop since 2013, starting in Enschede during his studies, and continues to do so wherever life takes him, including several national and international workshops. Since 2021 he has been teaching as lead. He is known for his clean dance style, attention to the students’ development and drifting happily across the dancefloor when the music says so.